Zach Legacy of Fire

The Hammerfalls Halls

((Fast notes)

((Time travel back)) The party divided magical loot they found during their Osirion adventures, purchaced and made some items.

The adventures entered into the 1st mining level of the dwarf hold and encountered ghouls, ghasts, and Ghul. Among the ghouls were gnolls turned into ghouls. The waves of undead were weathered and the Ghul retreated. The party followed going upwards into a mushroom cavern that in turn had a tower four tall bronze statues that acted like a wind driven pipe organ. The party found a secret room with a coffer that contained 3 bags of enchanted magnetic meteor dust. There was an exit that led back outside to a trail that led upward. The trail ended at a ledge/cave guarded by a gate manned by two “Dark Dwarves” at the top and a chained Degenerate Orge in front. Upon seeing the party the dwarves warned them to go away. Aarak’s response got a crossbow bolt in the shoulder and the fight was on. Mia cast a Euphoric cloud that covered the party’s advance up the trail, allowing them to move safely up without danger of slipping on the wet rock while being fired at by crossbows. Alenor changed into an air and then earth elemental to move behind the dwarves. While he did so he discovered that behind the gate was stairs leading down into a slanted killing hall with stairs going up to another gate. Once the cloud faded, the party led by Aarak and A’b’da attacked the still befuddled Orge. While the wounds they inflicted were terrible, they didn’t quite kill the insane brute before it pummeled A’b’da. The stout barbarian survived the assault though dazed and the Ogre was put down soon after. Meanwhile, Alenor changed into a tiger, engaging and killing one dwarf and then moving over and to bite and grapple the other. ((Game ended due to time at this point, will pick up here next session))



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