Zach Legacy of Fire

The Tomb of the Four Pharaohs

The party along with Garavel and Felepid traveled up to Osirion
The seasonal sandstorms in Osirion were severe, revealing several new pyramids
The PCs arrived at Ipeq with no problems, their precautions while traveling sufficient to avoid mishaps. Spike growth, web shelter, survival, illusions.
At Ipeq they got rooms at an Inn and split up, Garavel, Felepid, Sayid, A’b’da, and Mia separating to do the trade mission Almah had assigned them to do.
The rest of the party spent the evening gathering information about the Four Pharaohs and Surkin performed using his illusions telling the tale of Kelmarane’s liberation.
The next morning the party went to an auction where Osirion artifacts were being sold and where they were supposed to meet their local contact.
At the auction Kaira and Surkin met Paracount Julistar, cleric of Asmodeus and leader of her Magistrix Expeditionary and his younger brother Harkron a Hellknight initiate.
Kharis also spotted an interesting pair, a gnome girl with black hair and rainbow tips armed with daggers, and a human man with a bandolier of wands across his chest and a strange weapon like a crossbow stock across his back.
During the auction several different items were bid on. Surkin won a collection of scrolls and charcoal rubbings, Julistar won a some ancient Osirion coins, a private collector known as the Crook won a statue of the Radiant Pharaoh and another statue of a man with a cobra head. A local museum a set of green stone weights.
During the auction Kaira and Julistar talked and flirted and decided to meet later in the evening for dinner.
A local sage introduced herself to Surkin after he collected his purchaces. Her name was Neferet Anu a local scholar and expert in ancient Osirion history. She wanted to exchange her knowledge with the opportunity to gain more on whatever expedition that Surkin might be a part of. They agreed to meet later at the Inn and discuss the matter over dinner.
After the auction the party was contacted by the Mithril Scarab, a half elf woman who is Felepid’s pathfinder contact. She led the party to a space between some tents and said she was taking the group to meet a man who had been inside the Tomb of the Four Pharaohs 50 years ago. As a precondition the party had to leave all paper and anything with written word or symbols, like Arrak’s axe behind. The dwarf agreed to hold everyone’s items and wait outside while the Mithril Scarab led the adventures into a tent.
Inside the group met with and talked to the blindfolded old man (forgot his name). He said he was part of a group of 11 people who went inside the Tomb. The place did not exist in this place of existence and could only be summoned into existence by a magical funeral mask. Inside, they found warnings that the tomb was cursed with the four symbols of the Pharoah’s that when viewed would trap would be intruders and turn them into eternal guardians. He was the only one who survived when one of the expedition turned into an undead monster and started killing everyone. He escaped the tomb with the mask and sold it later to a street merchant.
Kharis spotted a small shadow of someone lurking near the outside of the tent, but when he went to check he and Arrak did not find anyone. This made them suspicious though that they were being followed and decided to keep a careful eye out for suspicious activity.

The fight with the legendary sphinx
The Tomb
Encounter with the guardian mummy, the turned member of the previous expedition 56 years ago.
The Encounter with the Fiend Pharaoh.
The Chamber of History
The golem elevator
The Radiant Pharaoh and her fiendish trap
The Pharaoh of Numbers



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