The Lions of Senara

An adventuring band hired by Almah. Presumed lost after not returning from a scouting expedition to Kelmarane.


The Lions of Senara, an adventuring band hired by Almah. They had not returned after a scouting trip to town a week previous of the group’s arrival to the Sultan’s claw.

Andrus, a half-elf male cavalier of Erica’s order. Leader of the Lions of Senara (Tortured and killed on day 3 in front of the Battlemarket)
Haleem, a female human fighter, adopted sister of Rick and Phil (In Battlemarket, fighting in the arena and Kardswain’s concumbine)
Felliped, a human male bard and member of the Pathfinder society (Captured by gnolls)
Oxvard, a human male cleric of Abadar (Rescued by the party on Night 3)
Kara, an elven female rogue (died in Battlemarket, raped to death by gnolls)
Gorian, a dwarven male wizard (died to Old Bonegrinder, a dire boar)


The Lions of Senara

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