A beautiful elven alchemist, enslaved by the evil Kardswann.


((Despite the picture, Undrella is NOT a Drow, rather her skin in dark and her hair is bleached from the intense sun of the Katapesh highlands.))

According to Undrella, she and her mother moved into the area a few years after Kelmarane fell. They had managed to keep peace with the local gnolls and other denizens through trade in their alchemical wares. About a year ago, the Kundris gnoll tribe moved in to take over Kelmarane on a more permament basis and attempted to enslave the two women. The result of the conflict caused the death of Undrella’s mother and her capture and enslavement. Then three months ago Kardswann arrived and killed the gnoll chieftain, taking over the tribe. At first he was kind to elven maiden, taking her as his concubine and giving her more freedom and respect. Then about a month ago his manner changed, he became cruel and evil and began to beat and torture her for minor infractions or just amusement. Her love for the Janni has turned to hatred and has pleaded with the party to kill him and free her.

Undrella wears a collar that is arcane locked and has a status spell on it, allowing her owner(s) to know her general health and location at all times. She possesses a set of keys that will unlock most doors in the battlemarket. From what has been seen, Undrella appears to be a witch, capable of flying and casting a mix of arcane and cure spells.



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