A Hookah, sometimes referred to as a waterpipe, is a device that filters Pesh or Pipeweed smoke through water before being inhaled by multiple users through long tubes or hoses. The use of Hookah a provides minor protection from the smoke’s effects (no changes in benefits, penalties, or potency but +1 to Fort save to avoid addiction). More importantly, it allows a dose of Pesh to affect more than one user. A normal Hookah can be used by two people, while a masterwork version can be used by four people at the same time. The Pesh in a Hookah is also more slowly burned, lasting longer. A dose of Pesh usually takes about 10 minutes to fully burn in a normal pipe, while in a Hookah it takes an hour, 2 hours in a masterwork Hookah. Some Pesh users, particularly the Sahir-Afrin take advantage of this by carrying lit Hookah’s in a modified backpack. While such practice might be considered unwise so is keeping vials of alchemical fire in easily accessible (and exposed) belt pouches. A normal Hookah costs 10 GP, and weighs 6 lbs. A Masterwork Hookah made of lighter stronger materials costs 50 GP and also weighs 4 lbs.

Magical Hookah also exist, usually with an enchantments that use a magical (and safer) source of heat to ignite the Pesh or to make the drug burn longer.

Magic Hookah: 1500 GP
Upon activation using a command word, the interior of this device safely heats up to burn up to four doses of Pesh which can last 8 hours until consumed. It provides a + 2 bonus to Fortitude saves to avoid addiction. Finally, once per day when used, it casts Lesser Restoration on the Pesh consumer.



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