A punch dagger with a longer blade, effective at penetrating armor

weapon (melee)

A katara is a punch dagger with a longer blade and extra cross guard near the user’s forearm to provide more striking power. It has thicker blade to prevent it from bending or breaking when used against armor. The upperclass of Katapesh sometimes where an ornamental katara as a sign of their high status in society. The hilts may be covered in enamel or gems and. Similarly ornamental pictures might be etched on the blade which might be made from mithril or an alchemical substance with simmiliar properties to steel but gold in color. ((adapted from Wikipedia: Katara))

A Katara is an exotic light weapon that has the same statistics as a short sword, except that it gives + 2 CMB to sunder light or medium armor and a + 2 CMD against disarm attempts.



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