Scroll and Potion Belts

A belt or bandoleer containing several scroll or potion sized pouches


These belts and bandoleers were developed by adventuring priests and wizards of the Pathfinder Society to allow safe storage but easy access of potions and scrolls. Made of leather, a normal belt holds 12 “slots” of pouches, which can be either potion (1), scroll (2), or flask/scroll case (4). Masterwork versions hold 20 slots. The advantage of these belts is that retrieving an item for use does not provoke an attack of opportunity, though using the item still might. Masterwork versions that use snaps instead of buckles allow the use of the Quickdraw feat to pull out the item as a free action instead of a move action.

Normal Potion Belt – 1 lbs, 10 GP, holds 12 slots
Masterwork Potion Belt – 1 lbs, 60 GP, holds 20 slots
Potion Pouch – .1 lb, 1 GP
Scroll Pouch – .2 lb, 1 GP
Flask Pouch – 1/2 lb, 1 GP
Masterwork Pouches – same weight, 10 GP each


Scroll and Potion Belts

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