Zach Legacy of Fire

GM Campaign Notes
Fire in the Night

When Garavel and the Adventurers arrived at the Sultan’s Claw, they found Almah’s encampment was in chaos. One of the wagons was on fire, and sharp explosions and streaks of multicolored fire was shooting out from it, threatening to set fire to another wagon nearby. Animals were running about the camp in utter panic, knocking into people and containers, spilling their contents. Meanwhile, two bodies lay on the ground, burned, dying or perhaps dead. The adventurers, hardly needing Almah’s command, sprang into action to assist the Merchant Princess’s people as they rushed about to deal with the calamity.

Zaeda, her calvalier training giving her experience with handling animals, assisted in rounding up the animals. Araak assisted as well, punching a bucking camel into submission in typical dwarf “practicality”. Mia went over to the two mortally wounded mercenaries, using her skills as a healer and magic to save their lives. Ab’b’da and Alenor assisted the uninjured Falcon’s Legacy mercs in moving their wagon out of danger and then helping Almah and her guards put out the fire. Mia helped finish the job with her magic to create water as well, which pleased Almah much more than *Ab’b’da*’s attempt to use the camp’s entire water supply to put out the fire. Meanwhile, concerned that all this chaos might attract unwanted company, Kharis perched on top of one of the wagons, scanning the area. Surkin was of similar mind, his small stature not leading him to feats of strength, nor would illusions do much against a fire. He did however notice a man lurking behind one of the wagons and created a huge glowing arrow in the sky to point him out. Thus Dakashi, Almah’s gnoll expert, was shamed into helping put out the last of the fires.

Kharis, while on overwatch, heard out in the hills what sounded like the scream of an animal in terror and pain. Sometime afterward, a man on a warcamel arrived, Haidir the charismatic, yet bitter, leader of the Falcon’s Legacy. He had been out on patrol when he heard the fireworks and saw the glowing arrow. Once the fire had been put out and the animals calmed down and penned, Almah instructed Garavel to investigate the fire which caused the death of her Astrologer. Garavel decided that the adventurers would be best for this and gave them leave to look around and to question the expedition members. While there was some suspicion that Dakashi might have started the fire due to the dead Astrologer’s closeness with Almah, there was evidence found that a local denizen was responsible, a particularly nasty species of gremlin known as a pugwampi.

Almah, initially doubtful, commanded the party to go and find these pugwampi and bring back proof. The party did so, managing to capture the little beast and rescue the baby goat that he had stolen from the camp. After a few questions to the party and Dakashi, she seemed satisfied and ordered the creature killed. Dakashi claimed the corpse as a “good luck charm”, hanging it from his staff (which happens to be an unstrung longbow). Almah then stated her concerns, shared by Haidir, that the camp was compromised and needed to be moved soon. There was a monastary to Sarenrae, abandoned the same time as Kelmarane, a mile away. The Falcon’s Legacy’s initial scouting reports reported animal noises and faint snickering laughter similar to the pugwampi’s. She commanded the party to rest and set out in the morning to clear out the Monastery so that the expedition could make it their new temporary home.

(Also, while questioning all the different people in the camp, before and after investigating the fire and capturing the pugwampi, some interesting information and gossip was obtained)

The Falcon’s Legacy once had a score of members, but while liberating one of the boarder towns from a band of raiding gnolls, they lost two-thirds of their people. The remaining mercenaries have a low morale and are risk adverse. Their leader Haidir, whom the mercenaries still have a strong loyalty for, is bitter, seeming to have taken the loss of his people personally. He often now goes on solo patrols, especially at night, to seek solitude.

The party is not the only adventurers that Almah had hired. She also had recruited the Lion’s of Sahir, a six man adventuring party whom among their members included Alenor and Kharis’s adopted sister Haleem. They had successfully completed an initial scouting expedition into Kelmarane two weeks previous, but had not returned from their second outing. Almah worries that they might have been killed or captured, not only from concern of their fate but what they might have revealed to the gnolls controlling Kelmarane. Most of the other expedition members feel the same, though Haidir and his people are more blunt about Lion’s possible deaths. Apparently, their is some sort of bad blood between the two groups.

The stream that feeds the plants around the Sultan’s Claw has been fouled by an unknown manner for the last three days. Thus Almah’s concern over the expedition’s water supply. There are also reported signs of gnolls in the area, circling in on the expedition’s location. Perhaps they are scouts from Kelmarane or they might be from another tribe.

The juicy gossip, especially from the two servants Hadrah and Hadmah, is that Almah and her Astrologer were lovers. The Merchant Princess was “consulting” with the handsome half-elf more and more frequently, sometimes for hours, alone in the privacy of the Astrologers wagon. Shocking! Even more scandalous, one of the female mercenaries, a petite blond woman named Yesper was in love the Astologer as well! And don’t forget Dakashi, he’s been seen staring longingly at Almah when he thinks no one is looking, clearly smitten with the beautiful Merchant Princess, though she would never have anything to do with such a commoner, especially as one as rank as the “Gnoll Expert” was! Oh, and its rumored that Garavel is actually a well made flesh golem, he shows no sign of emotion and she (and her guards!) trust him to sleep in Almah’s tent…or maybe its an act! What do you think?

The Monastery

The next morning the party set out to clear out the Monastery. At first they explored a section containing the building’s living quarters, kitchen and library. There they encountered three pugwampi “cooks” along with a tribe of baboons who came to their assistance. While the fight was difficult, especially with the gremlins aura of unluck, the party managed to kill their opponents with no losses. After searching the rooms they found a masterwork Katapesh Scimitar, a scrollcase with four divine spells, and a book titled “The Courts of Flame and Air”. Deciding to press on, they opened a stuck door to reveal bottom floor of one of the Monastery’s collapsed towers. The door, floor, and stairs going down were covered with mold and being reasonably cautious, they decided to take a sample for examination later and close the door. Continuing on, the party entered into the central part of the building, an open air courtyard and walks whose walls were decorated with the history of the temple and its saint.

While not very familiar with the saint in particular, the party’s collected knowledge of History and Local tales was enough to recall some information, though much is myth and perhaps not accurate. The saint’s name was Vadishal, one of the Templars of the Five Winds, a group of Jann heroes that hundreds of years ago wandered the Pale Mountain region and lands beyond doing great deeds of bravery and compassion. Their patron was the Dijini Princess Nefeshti who crafted them five weapons of a great power to assist them in their endeavors, one of which was a Bardiche, and another a staff. Their story ended during the great Genni war, where Nefeshti fought against another genni of fire. After the battles, four of the Templars ascended into the heavens, while Vadishal remained. Later he was killed battling a half man, half lizard, fire spirit but his spirit lingered on. Vadishal’s spirit later was found by a group of monks of Sarenae who build the Monastery on the place of his death. Throughout the history of the temple, Vadishal manifested and spoke his wisdom. Twenty years ago the Temple fell to a group of crazed town’s folk led by yellow clad fanatics. The fate of Vadishal’s spirit is unknown, though their was a hint in a inscription found, where a cleric of Abadar claimed to have banished a foul spirit the same year as the Monastery fell.

The courtyard itself was overgrown with brush and trees. Near its center, Alenor in Ape form found a nest of large Vulture known as a Grier, known for their ravenous and savage hunger. While the big bird wasn’t present, there were three of its eggs left there unguarded. While having value, the party left the eggs be and continued on, moving on to the section of the building dedicated to more private worship of Vadishal. In one room, Arrak, already suffering from Filth Fever from a pugwampi’s arrow, was attacked by a half dozen stirges when he stepped into the chamber. Though he was saved from certain death by his comrades through weapon and magic, he lost much blood and was infected by Blinding Sickness. Only his incredible dwarf fortitude kept him going and not keel over. Amongst the debris the party found some loose coin, a silver bowl, and Chime of Opening.

After investigating a secret door that led to a small garden, the party found another secret door behind a statue of Vadishal leading down into the Monestery’s Undercrypts. Investigating, the adventurers found the tragic remains of the Sarenae clerics and laymen who made their last stands against the fanatics that brutally cut them down and despoiled their bodies. During their searches, the party found a Masterwork Cold-Iron Hvy Mace, A Masterwork Silver Dagger, and Masterwork Yellow Silk(Hide) Shirt Armor. They also found a silver holy symbol to Sarenae which was enchanted with the power of a Brooch of Shielding. They also found a door which led into a basement laboratory, the source of the mold they found earlier. Seeing that there were other species of mold here, Mia, who had taken the previous sample, stepped into the room to get more. When she did so, four slimes contained in large vials on the laboratory’s tables burst out
and attacked!

The fight that followed was quick, but still had moments of danger. Mia ‘s Sidestep secret kept her from harm long enough for her companions to rush in to help. Surkin, due to his small size, was engulfed by one of the molds and barely managed to escape. Alenor, in the back of the group, was surprised as one of the slimes, which went down a drain in the floor came spurting out of a pipe in the wall next to him. Worst was poor Arrak, already weak from two diseases and blood drain, he succumbed to fungal rot when one of the slimes slammed into him. After the battle, woozy, the dwarf barbarian was struck by visions of the Temple’s fall the strong urge to dig in the Monastery courtyard in specific spot. The party searched the laboratory and found some alchemical formula and locked box with a magical aura. While this was happening, Aarak went back to where the feelings led him, and dug up a magical Greataxe, enscribed with the language of air, “Breath of North Wind, Blessed by Nefeshti who wishes its wielder power to strike down her enemies in the Princess’s name.”

After all of these trials, all that remained was the main chapel of the Monastery itself, inhabited by the Pugwampi tribe. The adventurers decided that they had done enough for the day, their magic was low and Arrak was looking very wobbly, the fungal rot infesting his right arm from wrist to elbow. They returned to the Sultan’s Claw and reported to Almah. While agreeing in their wisdom in returning, the Merchant Princess was concerned their location would be soon discovered. To ensure their success, Almah instructed Dakashi and two of the Falcon’s Legacy mercs, Yesper and Brotis, to accompany and assist the group.

That evening, around the fire, Garavel told the first part of the story of Rovagug, the ravenous god of destruction, and his battles with the other gods at the dawn of creation. Surkin followed with a story of his own, embellished with his illusionary magic, about the adventurer’s trials and triumphs at the Monastery. The expedition members, especially the mercenaries, were quite impressed, however their leader Haidir was not present, out on one of his solo patrols. He returned hours later, speaking briefly with Kharis, who was on watch. The cavalier mercenary leader had the smell of blood on him and his mount was clearly frightened, barely under control. Haidir explained that he had encountered a mountain lion whom he had slain before it hurt his camel. He took his leave then, securing his mount in the animal pens. Later, Zaeda curious after hearing this, examined the warcamel who clearly was still skittish even after an hour after supposedly being attacked by an animal the trained beast should have managed. She believed that Haidir encountered something much more frightening out there, but what she doesn’t know.

Final Battle in the Chapel

The following morning, rested and feeling more competent after their trials (congrats on level 2!), the party returned to the Monastery with Dakashi, Yesper, and Brotis as reinforcements. Deciding not to attack the Chapel directly, the party circled around through the living quarters and into the courtyard where they encountered a patrol of four pugwampi. The gremlins were alerted by a Ab’b’da ‘s stubbed toe and Yesper’s giggle. Quick thinking by Surkin and Mia fooled the pugwampi with lewd illusions which lured them out of their ambush point and made vulnerable to a surprise attack. Caught out in the open, even the gremlin’s notorious unluck aura was not enough to save them from the adventurers’ superior numbers. Bolstered by their victory, the party continued on, setting themselves up in an alcove across from the entrance of the Chapel.

Again, Ab’d’da had the misfortune of tripping over a piece of loose masonry, but Surkin once more used his illusions to cover the unfortunate accident . He created the image of a small goat running across the Chapel’s entrance and down the main hallway. This was enough to lure two gremlins out which were ambushed by the group, one killed by Ab’d’da and another wounded by Dakashi’s bow. Surkin fooled the remaining pugwampi’s by creating a large curtain across the entrance which he unfurled with great fanfare. During the confusion the party started shooting through the illusion while the gremlins sorted themselves out, eventually their Witchdoctor which danced and comported on top of a hanging net of gnoll skulls, figured out it was a trick, shattering a truestrike potion Arrak was about to drink. Missile fire was traded back and forth, the party moving in led by Arrak, Ab’d’da and Alenor who changed into a bird to fly up to the rope holding the skulls. The druid then changed into an ape, landing on the skulls which caused the dry rotted beams they were suspended from to break, crashing both him and the witchdoctor to the floor.

Zaeda seeing an opportunity, charged in on her mount, skewering the gremlin druid with her lance! Meanwhile Arrak having noted the tent like affair up in the rafters where the pugwampi’s laired, started arranging the stone pews in a mysterious manner (at least to the GM). Mia cast a sleep spell on the group of four pugwampi who were doing sneak attack snap shots from the balcony, causing one to fall asleep. Surkin cast another illusion, shouting in gnoll to “Burn them out!” of him throwing a flask of alchemical fire at the tent. As the illusionary fire “spread” there was a shout from inside the tent, the pugwampi’s “King” making himself known commanding his minions to put out the fire. Dakashi meanwhile used his bow, Kharis threw shuriken, while the mercenaries chased down the surviving gremlin that had been lured out. Ab’d’ba soon followed by Zaeda climbed up the ladder to the choir loft and began to engage the gremlins in melee, though loosing his greataxe to a misfortunate shatter spell. Alenor thanks to his Ape climbing ability, scaled up the Chapel’s walls and eventually got over to the tent lair, hanging from ceiling supports.

Mia having guessed where the King was at, cast a sleep spell in his area. The first did not work, but the second did causing the fat gremlin to fall asleep. Surkin followed this with a ghost sound from the King’s area mimicing the pugwampi’s leader’s voice, fooling his followers that he was still awake. Dakashi, following a suggestion by Mia and Surkin, used an arrow with a rope attached to rip open a hole below a gremlin, causing it to fall to the floor. Up at the choir loft, Zaeda chased a fleeing pugwampi onto the Chapel rafters, which broke causing both to fall to the floor. Kharis used a rope and grapple to climb up to the balcony where the pugwampi tent was at, engaging the gremlin that had run out of it, following the command of the fake voice of the King Sukin created. Alenor entered the tent and strangled the sleeping king with his great ape strength. Finally, Arrak having finally finished with his marble sculpture managed to lift a long stone bench upright and down on the tent, causing the whole mess to crash to the floor, killing the remaining gremlins. Thus the battle for the chapel concluded, leaving the party victorious! Searching amongst the pugwampi remains, the party found a magic small warhammer + 1 which the King never got a chance to wield, a ring of climbing, a set of muleback cords, and a wand of cure light wounds. Satisfied, the party returned to the Sultan’s Claw to report their success to their eagerly awaiting Patron.

Day one at the Monastery

After returning to Almah’s expedition and reporting their success the adventuring band assisted the merchant princess’ people in moving into the cleared Monastery. Almah had her tent pitched temporarily in the courtyard while her chosen spot, the library, was cleared of debris. The other expedition members claimed various rooms while the adventurers settled into the old barracks. The day and night passing relatively uneventfully with the exception of the Howl of the Carrion King, a yipping howl from Kelmarane which was answered in turn by another howl from the distant Pale Mountain. Also, a couple of hours afterward someone was playing a flute, which was reported to Almah and Garavel. They will investigate to find out the origin of the music.

Day two at Kelmarane

Early in the morning of the next day, while it was still cool, the adventures set out for Kelmarane. They decided to avoid the open Pesh fields and come in from the East, after crossing the river. After entering the town they discovered evidence of some sort of patrol and set up an ambush. To perhaps everyone’s surprise it turned out to be a ram headed demon wielding a halberd. The fight was tough, the demon nearly killing Ab’b’da after goring him from a leaping charge off a building. The brave barbarian might have been finished off except the fighting woke up a sleeping giant mamba, the huge snake biting and constricting the demon out of existence. Before the angry reptile could do the same to another, Surkin managed to stun it with a color spray and the rest of the adventurers killed it with a series of brutal melee attacks, including Ab’b’da who had been revived by Mia’s healing magic.

Afterward, concerned that the Demon’s howl might have raised an alarm, the adventurers withdrew to the hills to the East and after some searching found the abandoned Shrine of Nethys. The plan was to use the structure as a base, so as to keep suspicion off of the Monastery. Outside, the group found evidence of animal tracks going in and out of the structure as well as the strange ones that had been found earlier at the Sultan’s claw. Inside, there was a room with two pools of water, magically refilled by lingering magic. This room was also filled with columns and was the hunting ground of four monstrous spiders who attacked the party but were killed in turn.

The group continued to explore and search, discovered a small trove of treasures under a stone in the floor. Further in they found the way down to the lower levels, a large circular block that rose up and down a shaft like a elevator. The mechanism however was broke and the block was shifted and stuck in place and no amount of effort could shift it. There was evidence there of something with claws trying to do the same thing earlier and well as dried black slime that was identified as being from a strange aberration known as a choker.

Day two at Kelmarane (continued)

After clearing the first floor of the Shrine of Nethys, the party decided to set up a watch post on one of the outside statues to keep watch over the daily goings on in Kelmarane. As a precaution, Surkin maintained an illusion to conceal the post while Zaeda’s feline mount patrolled to keep wandering animals away. The watchers observed that a varied group, usually 4 gnolls and 2 hyena’s would patrol through the town every 2-3 hours. Once at around noon, the patrol led a goat to one of the buildings across the river. They shoved the goat into the building and left. Twice the patrol stopped at the old tannery where the alchemical smells were coming from, apparently dropping off and/or picking up small items. At other times during the day, a group of more heavily armed gnolls threw chunks of meat and slop into a ruined building on the East side of town. For whatever reason, all of the gnolls avoided the Temple of Abadar on the southwest of town, skirting around it as much as possible.

That night, while Surkin, Mia, and Zaeda were on watch, Surkin fell asleep and was awakened to a fearsome growling sound, looking up he saw silhouetted in the moonlight the terrible visage of bestial humanoid holding up a squirming goat. As the gnome illusionist watched in shock, the thing ripped the goat in half and threw the blood spewing remains at Surkin, splattering him with hot blood. The monster then pointed a clawed finger at Surkin, perhaps in warning or threat, and then left, disappearing into the night. Investigation the next morning showed varied tracks giving evidence to what the gnome witnessed, large feline feet that alternated between bipedal and all fours. Curiously, also mixed in were traces of a similarly sized individual but wearing boots. The remains of the pure white goat appeared to be that of Rhombard, the young white goat rescued from the pugwampi days earlier. Was this him or that of another animal?

Mia smacked Surkin for sleeping on the job. Zaeda was tight lipped about the whole affair. The rest of the night passed uneventfully.

Day three at Kelmarane

The next morning, Alenor changed into a bird and flew over the town, doing some scouting before circling around to report the group’s progress to Almah back at the Monastery. He saw nothing unusual in town, but spotted to the north an area of grass covered hills where the gnoll’s goats were herded. Perhaps more interesting he found to the south of town a make shift platform, about twenty by twenty feet wide. Next to it were two large logs with straps (battering rams?) and splotches on the gritty sand leading away from the platform that might be dried blood. After his fly by he arrived at the Monastery to give his report.

While Almah was pleased that the group was whole after their fight with the demon and snake, she was concerned about their pace and ordered them to step it up. The reasons for her irritation was that one of the Falcon’s Legacy mercenaries, Brotis was killed by a monstrous spider that apparently was hiding in the rafters. Also, a pugwampi had shown up and was causing all sorts of havok, the place was in a ruckus as people tried to locate the evil gremlin and deal with sabatage and chaos it had caused. On his way to visit Zorastan, Alenor passed by Dakashi who apparently had misplaced his dead pugwampi good luck charm. Nothing was said, so the druid went on down to the laboratory. Doctor Zorastan was pleased with the snake’s head Alenor brought and traded some more potions for the gruesome remains.

After Alenor returned to the shrine and the party had finished praying and meditating (congrats on level 3!), the group set back out for Kelmarane. They decided to investigate the building, an old mill across from the tannery, where the goat had been shoved into, apparently in offering or tribute to some fell creature within. This proved to be true as the group woke up and fought a mysterious yet terrifying Peryton, whose shadow would twist about and seek a victim’s, filling them with fear and making the creature’s attacks more effective. While it was effective with its hit and run flying tactics in the beginning, its fate was sealed when Surkin got close enough to cast a color spray which knocked it out of the air and made an easy target for Aarak’s magic axe. In the thing’s next, the group found a magical longsword (+1) and a ring of jumping.

After healing up the damage the Peryton’s sharp antler’s had caused, the party layed in wait for the gnoll patrol to show up. Another color spray and slaughter later, the group had four more dead humanoids on their tally. Aarak chopped off their heads and wrote on the mill wall, “Leave now or else!” in a threat to the remaining gnolls, hoping to make them afraid and jittery.

The party then walked across to the road to the tannery, entering the building wary but willing to talk with whomever inside. Inside they encountered Undrella, a beautiful if scarred and unwashed elven slavegirl. She had dusky dark skin and sun bleached hair. The slavegirl spoke strangely and was immediately attracted to the mighty hews of Ab’b’da, claiming that her cruel master, the genine Kardswain often whipped and raped her and pleaded with the handsome barbarian and his companions, including the cute gnome, to kill the evil man and free her. According to her tale (though some of the group found this dubious), she and her mother had lived in Kelmarane for 15 years, peacefully living their lives as alchemists until the gnolls moved in and captured them. Her mother was killed (she wouldn’t say how) and Undrella was the gnoll’s slave till Kardswain showed up and killed the former gnoll chieftain. After taking over the tribe, the genie took Undrella as his concubine and was kind to her, but for the past couple of months has become cruel and evil, mistreating her terribly.

Undrella wore a heavy almost intoxicating perfume, which she traded a bottle to Mia for some jewelry. The collar she wore was locked, reinforced with magical arcane lock and a status spells. Also, one of her cauldron’s was magical, apparently legacy from her late mother. Undrella claimed to have a key to the battlemarket’s back entrance, but wanted the head of the snake that the party had killed the day before. She was VERY disappointed upon hearing the news that the snake’s head wasn’t available, but appeared to appease her hurt by stroking Ab’b’da’s chest and arms, smelling his scent. The group promised to return to her for the key when they were ready and left the tannery, deciding to take out one of the guard posts over looking the east side of town.

While Alenor circled overhead in bird form, the party approached under the guise of a traveling merchant and his slavegirl prostitute. Mia sang come hither songs in gnoll, distracting the gnolls at the post long enough for the party to get close. Alenor attacked the guard on top of the post, taking him out. He then prevented the gnoll’s leader from setting off an alarm. Among the gnoll scout leader’s possessions was a +2 STR Composite Longbow. Outside the group fought two gnolls and four hyena’s and with magic and force of arms overwhelmed the bestial humanoids quickly. Afterwards, Aarak chopped off the gnoll’s heads, laying them outside and painting on the walls with their blood, “All gnolls must die!”, continuing his terror tactics. Deciding that enough was done for the day in town, the party returned to the Shrine of Nethys to make another attempt to move the stone blocking the way to the lower level(s).

Night Three at Kelmarane

((Summary will flesh out later))

The party left town after taking out the gnolls at the SE guard post. When they arrived at the shrine they were greeted by Sayid (new character) and Dakashi who informed the group that Almah needed them back at the Monastery because of strange goings on. Just after this, Kardswain, the Orge sized Janni leader of the Kelmarane gnolls, flew up on top of the battle market and started shouting out threats, while having his minions torture one of the Lions of Senra. The party debated what to do, either head back and attack in force, or try and draw out a force with an obvious distraction, or try something more sneaky. However, before they decided Kardswain apparently lost interest and told the gnolls to kill the unfortunate prisoner.

The group then headed back to the Monastery, arriving in early evening. After discussing events with Almah and Garavel it was concluded that someone in the expedition, most likely one of the mercenaries, was a Were-Leopard. They made a plan to separate out everyone in different rooms, to try to contain the beast if it revealed itself. However, in the middle of the night, the watchman looking over the town noticed a group of gnolls leading a prisoner out into the Pesh fields. Deciding that this merited action, the party left the monastery and sallied forth. They defeated the gnolls and the huge dust digger they had attracted by pounding the ground, successfully rescuing one of the surviving Lions of Senra, a cleric of Abadar named Oxvard. He had been lamed by the gnolls and could not walk.

The adventurers returned to the monastery to find a scene of a recent battle, in their absence the Were-Leopard revealed itself as Haidir the leader of the Falcon Legacy Mercenaries. Apparently he had left his room and went down into the laboratory, pilfering potions. When confronted by Almah and her guards they got into an argument and he changed into his “true” form. Garavel and her loyal guards managed to keep him from killing or taking Almah but was he was seriously wounded and one of the guards killed. Haidir, for reasons of his own, took one of the mercenary women, Yesper with him. Zorastan confessed then that he had been trying to help the man, but thought he was inflicted with a mental illness and not lycanphropy.

The party tracked Haidir back to the Shrine of Nethys, finding the blocked entrance to the lower level pulled upward, presumably by the potion enhanced strength of the were leapard. Heading down the shaft they came out into a room with four statues on each corner and a set of magically locked doors to the south. There was a small passage to the west which they went down, coming into a room guarded by 4 animated wooden sphinxes. The group managed to destroy the constructs and then looked around, but the room had no apparent exits. Somehow, someway Haidir had managed to get deeper into the complex but how?

Night Three at Kelmarane (Cont)

After the battle with the sphinxes, Mia came out of her Oracle trance with the knowledge with how to bypass the wards on the door with the 4 statues. She did so with no problems, which was good because if the party had tried to force the doors the statues would have shot for gouts of fire, cold, acid, and electricity. On the other side was a large room whose walls were covered with arcane scripts and the floor covered with a while mist which seemed to spill out from an altar at the far end. Hovering above altar were the shifting forms of 3 voidworms, servants of the mad god Nethys.

Mia approached the altar and the voidworms swirled around her, while doing so they whispered secrets and answered questions. She discovered that Haidir was somewhere in the Shrine and he was curable, but not by any means at the Temple. She also was able to open a secret door that led deeper into the Temple. She entered the passage and the rest of the party tried to follow, but the voidsnakes moved to try to stop them, filling the room with an obscuring mist. Mia meanwhile followed a passage that led to an open cavern with a large decrepit barge floating in air with the remnants of ancient magic. Yellow mind numbing vapors issued forth from cracks in the floor, confusing the senses with hallucinations.

Haidir was there, in human form, clearly mad from the mists, raving that with his new powers he would reclaim his legacy as the Falcon Emir. Yesper was there as well, slumped up against the wall. Mia tried to sneak over to pull Yesper away but wasn’t quiet enough for Haidir to hear and rush her. For a momment it looked bleak, Haidir had the slavegirl gripped tightly and perhaps intended to infect her with the lycanphropy however he was interupted by the arrival of Aarak who had made his way through the mists and the voidsnakes.

The rest of the group arrived soon later, the voidsnakes unable to physically stop them and a battle raged, Haidir transformed into his hybrid form, and fought with his golden Katara and and madu (a spiked shield). Though monstrous in strength and skill, the mists and his madness kept him from fighting to his true untouchable perfection. Still, he was quite dangerous, dropping Aarak in a series of blows, then doing the same to (someone else, forgot :P). However, thanks to the foresight of getting a bottle of silversheen from Zorastan and applying it to Ab-ba-da’s Halberd, the party was able to overcome their opponent.

Haidir was not dead though. The party decided to leave his fate in the hands of Almah and took him back to the Monastery. The Merchant Princess decided Haidir was worth more alive than dead and ordered him secured in the catacombs.


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