Downtime Activities


I will be handling downtime between modules in blocks approximately one month in length. A character can have a primary activity that takes up most of their time for the month and a secondary activity that takes a total of a week or less (item crafting for example). At the end of each month, the player will roll for their character an appropriate skill roll for the activity(s) done. How high or low effects the monthly compensation (if any). These rolls will not effect the final rewards. In general, the longer a character spends on activity the better the final reward might be. Besides a personal benefit, some activities will benefit Kelmarane itself, making it a more prosperous community. A few activities can be shared by more that one character, completing a task sooner.

Here is a list of suggestions players can do during the time between adventurers, as far as the character’s are concerned they are successful in liberating Kelmarane, are well respected in the area, and relatively wealthy. Different activities have different rewards, some short term, like a monthly stipend or a bonus to Almah’s rulership rolls (stability and economy), and some long term. ALL activities have a SIGNIFICANT long term benefit, but only if you dedicate the majority of your time to it. My suggestion is to pick one and stick to it as much as possible.

Unless I say otherwise the DC for any monthly check is 20.

Administration: Almah and Garavel will need assistance in successfully managing Kelmarane and restoring it to prosperity. Though the town has been freed, its success as a settlement is still not guarantied. By helping manage the town as a treasurer, consular, or similar, the character will not only be compensated by a monthly salary (with possible raises for excellent work), but can improve Kelmarane (+ 1 or + 2 to Almah’s economy rolls) and as a long term benefit gain the favor of the Merchant Princess and perhaps the mysterious Pactmasters. As a secondary activity like part time clerical work, this gives a bonus of + 2 to another player or npc’s roll. Initial pay: 150 GP per month.

Business The character can open a shop in the Kelmarane Battlemarket. This takes a month to setup. This can bring a monthly income modified by appropriate skill roll which could also lead to a loss. It can also increase the town’s economy, perhaps as a long term benefit gain a contact or two from merchant caravans. If the character is away for more than a week in a month from the shop for some reason, they can hire someone to run the business, however the reward halved for that month, the losses (if any) are doubled, and does not count towards a possible town bonus. As a secondary activity, a character can work part time at a shop (owned by another player or someone else), if owned by a player it will give + 2 to their monthly success roll. 250 GP per month (modified by rolls)

Crafting: A character can spend their time making mundane and/or magical items. As long as this activity is one week or less, then its considered a secondary activity that can be combined with another activity such as running a business.

Criminal Activity: Nefarious deeds in the dark can lead to great rewards in wealth and useful underworld contacts but risks a personal introduction to Pactmaster justice. This activity can increase the town’s crime level, BUT make some items more easily obtainable.

Investigating a site: There are several sites of interest near Kelmarane, for example the ruined fort while lights were seen and a nearby waterfall rumored to be haunted. Beyond careful scouting this is an activity for a full party should partake in. Some sites are close and only take a week or less to investigate and will not effect monthly activity. Besides the excitement and treasures that might be found, clearing out a site can possibly expand Kelmarane’s influence. Sites farther away in the Pale Mountain region will take a full month’s time of activity. There might (or might not be) greater rewards for such an endeavor.

Patrol Kelmarane Hinterlands: The region around Kelmarane is still dangerous, there are other gnoll tribes in the area as well as dangerous fauna that could threaten the surrounding farms and trade caravans. This task isn’t glorious, but Almah will pay a monthly salary of 200 GP as well as benefiting the town’s security. Long term benefits are like that of Administration, if a bit more dangerous, also + 1 to Almah’s monthly Stability roll, + 2 if check is made.

Religious Site Restoration: The Monastery of Sarenrae, The Temple of Abadar, and The Shrine of Nethys are in need of repair and restoration before seeing to the needs of worshipers. One month of work in enough to clean the sites up enough to hold services, but to truly restore the sites would take 9-12 months of work, but this time can be shortened with help. Alternatively, the character can build their own shrine to another deity. This could lead to advancement in the religious organization, an increase in the town’s morality, and perhaps even a blessing from the gods.

Rebuilding: Many of Kelmarane’s buildings are in ruins and the Pesh fields are dried up. By pitching in and making the buildings safe and desirable for habitation will attract immigrants and help the town grow in population. Doesn’t seem that rewarding beyond gratitude of the common people, but perhaps not (It DOES have a long term benefit).

Research: Kelmarane and the surrounding land holds many secrets in its past. Besides hints and possibly useful information of future events, this activity can increase Kelmarane’s Lore score. Long term, the intense study could lead to expansion of knowledge in general. Doesn’t pay but doesn’t cost anything either.

Romance!: There is possibility of developing a relationship with one of the many npcs. While Almah would likely be out of the question, there is Haleem, Undrella, or Yesper. There is also Felipid the Bard, the surviving male mercenaries and guards, or even Dakashi for those more interested manliness. :) Like crafting, this activity can be combined with another but anything beyond friendship requires time, dedication, and yes money (50 GP or more a month in gifts, flowers, etc…) however the rewards of true love can be potent indeed.

Travel: Such as a journey to Katapesh City for shopping, leisure, or other business: One month activity, it takes about 10-12 days to travel by caravan to Katapesh, leaving about a week in the city before returning. Katapesh is the only nearby city that has expensive goods, like magic items for sale. Its also where any unwanted loot can be sold. Alternatively, long term the character could spend their time traveling and exploring nearby expanding their mind with new customs and experiences which could lead to its own reward. This activity costs 100 GP per month in travel expenses.

Downtime Activities

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