House Rules

Illusions – As a general rule, unless an Illusion which can be disbelieved is blatantly obvious, it will require a move action to take the time to carefully examine something to look for flaws. Usually, interacting with an illusion allows a saving throw right away, such as swinging a weapon at an illusionary monster and in some cases there will be automatic successful save, like the weapon hitting and passing right through the monster. There are exceptions to this eyes the gnome which require feats or class features.

Retraining – Each level a character may either swap out a feat for a feat they would have qualified for at the level the feat being replaced was taken at OR 4 skill points OR a substitution of a class feature they gained the previous level. The reason for this is for players to experiment in what works for them, allowing correction of “mistakes”, NOT for substituting low level feats for high level ones. Please don’t abuse my generosity.

Equipment – Both normal and magical, Katapesh is a land where nearly anything can be found for a price. Such characters can start with some odd equipment from faraway regions, however I want to keep it to the Core Book, APG, anything published for the Pathfinder Campaign setting, and what I have listed in the Item section. For magic items, the magic compendium is permitted, with the exception of set pieces, as long as the item in question does not have a Pathfinder equivalent.

Equipment – Shade, provided by a tent (+ 2) or umbrella/parasol (+ 1), is a circumstance bonus to Fortitude saves against heat in sunny environments. Thus it will stack with hot weather clothing.

Languages – Humans start with Common and a regional language, such as Kelish. Non-human player races start with their racial tongue and one other language, either Common, a regional language, or a language listed in their bonus language list for high intelligence.

Languages – Katapesh is a cosmopolitan region with many different races, the most common of which are the Kelishites thus “Kelish” is the language spoken most commonly spoken Katapesh by most civilized peoples. Due to profitable trade routes with Osirion, “Osiriani” is second most used language. “Tien” and “Vudrani” are also spoken but much more rarely (will not likely be encountered in the campaign). “Common” is an old language now used as a trade tongue, and while useful in making transactions is not as useful for advanced concepts. Using Common instead of a native or racial language is a – 2 to diplomacy or bluff rolls, however many monstrous humanoids such as gnolls have among their number those who speak common to do trade with other races.

Languages – “Ancient Osirioni” is a dead language that was used when Osirion reaches spanned down into modern Katapesh thousands of years ago. The ruins and tombs that are scattered throughout Katapesh, including the ruins of the City of El Fatah have the language inscribed on walls and columns.

Create Water – The Create water spell is considered a 1st level spell for all casters except those that have a water aspect who can use it as a 0 level spell as normal. For example Water domain Clerics and Druids, Water school wizards, or Oracle of Waves.

Sun-Druids of Sarenrae – May take the Healing and Sun(Light) Domains.
Druids – Shapeshifter Pathfinder version (Replaces Nature’s Bond and Wild Empathy). A shapeshifter druid gains the ability to shift his shape as a swift action into an animal form as Beast Shape I for 1 hour per level of druid the character possesses. Each change of shape counts as one hour. They speak normally while in wildshape and cast spells with verbal only requirements. This ability improves as the druid advances as follows:

4th Elemental Body I
5th Beast Shape II
6th Plant Shape I
7th Elemental Body II
8th Beast Shape III (Medium Magical Beasts at lvl 9 with feat (see below))
9th Plant Shape II
10th Elemental Body III
11th Plant Shape III
12th Beast Shape IV (Gargantuan Size Animals, Large Magical Beasts requires appropriate feat (see below))
13th Elemental Body IV

Traits – Pesh Addiction can be taken for free at start.
Traits – Players may customize skill traits, if a trait only gives a +1 bonus to one skill they may choose an additional skill that the bonus applies to and either skill can be chosen as a class skill. The additional skill should fit with the theme of the trait.

Skills – The Survival skill bonus WILL stack with equipment used to assist in extreme weather, for example furs or hot weather outfit.

Skills – Craft(Illusion) is a skill that covers the use of illusions as art or special effects. Its roll is used just like a Perform check for the purposes of impressing an audience. It is not required for the making of convincing illusions in general and thus does not effect the disbelieve check’s DC. With the appropriate illusions available, the skill can be used as an Aid other action for another character’s Perform check. Aiding an other type of social skill, such as intimidate, still requires rolls using that skill as normal.

Gnomes – to reflect the fact that gnomes are the master race, gnomes will receive +2 to all stats. (Actually -2, but no one bothers to tell them that)

Natural Reach and Size – If a creature has a feature or ability that increases its reach a specific attack (example Dragon’s Bite, Octopus tentacles, the Lunge Feat) this extra reach is doubled for every TWO size categories. As a comparison reach weapons double their reach with each size category.

Opening Doors – It requires a move action to open a closed but unlocked door. A standard door that is open or broken does not impede movement. Heavy doors might require a strength check and extra time to push past.

New Spell – Cure Deadly Wounds: 5d8 + CL, if cast on the round following a character’s death, the character can be revived (just like Breath of Life). Undead who fail their save are destroyed. This spell can be cast spontaneously by positive energy clerics.

New Spell – Cause Deadly Wounds: 5d8 + CL, if cast as a heal on the round following an undead creature’s destruction, the undead can be revived (Breath of Life for Undead). Living creatures who fail their save and fall below 0 hitpoints are killed. This spell can be cast spontaneously by negative energy clerics.

Whirlwind effects on gas clouds and similar effects – Elemental whirlwind, gust of wind spells etc when cast on a magical cloud allow a CL check to dispel the cloud permanently. Otherwise, the area of the cloud effected by the spell/ability is temporally disperse for 1 round. Non magical clouds are dispelled automatically. Unless otherwise listed, a creature’s HD is used as CL for whirlwind.

Web and dragging – Since APG introduced the drag maneuver but monsters weren’t updated, I have decide that creatures, such as Monstrous Spiders, with the web special ability automatically get the Improved Drag feat. Once they entangle an opponent with a cast web they use the drag maneuver on the following round to either drag or lift up their victim. This represents the victims trying to brace themselves or hold on to a doorway, etc…

Skill Rolls and Wandering Encounters – Wandering encounters are unusually indicated by a percentage chance per time period, for example 10% every hour. When a wandering encounter occurs two skill vs skill rolls occurs. The first is survival vs. survival, the results of the roll determines which party discovered signs/trail of the other.

Succeeded in roll – Find signs of a creature in the area, may try to avoid the encounter. Knowledge is possibly required for matching the spoor to the creature, other wise only vague details are known.
Made roll by 5 – Finds a trail
Made roll by 10 – May ambush with 3 rounds prep
Made roll by 15 – May ambush with 1 hour prep.

The second contest is a perception vs. stealth roll, success determines surprise when the encounter occurs. Those in ambush add + 5 to their rolls to perceive.

A successful perception roll prevents surprise. Stealth is determined by the average party score, it is possible for less stealthy characters to be positioned back from the ambush point to raise up their stealth score. Aid other actions are allowed but takes up time.

House Rules

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