New Feats

Misc Feats:
Imbue Weapon (Metamagic) (Requires feats Somatic Weapon and Smiting Weapon) – As a part of a standard spellcasting action casting a spell as a touch attack, you may attack with your weapon, delivering the spell on a successful hit. This action allows the use of the weapon as a somatic component, but you are still vulnerable to attacks of opportunity unless casting defensively (same as smiting weapon). If your attack roll hits the target’s normal AC the imbued weapon will do both normal weapon damage and deliver the touch spell. If your attack roll only hits the target’s touch AC then just the spell is delivered, no weapon damage occurs. If the attack roll misses the weapon remains “charged” for a number of minutes equal to your caster level. The spell’s critical hit chance and multiplier is based on the weapon you use. For example, a keen rapier has a 15-20 × 2 critical range, while a Battleaxe has a 20 × 3 critical range. An imbued weapon spell uses a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level and does not take extra time when used with spontaneous magic. If you use prepared magic, you may apply this metamagic “on the fly” by consuming an additional 1st or higher spell as a free action.

Multiclass Feats:

The feats are useful for multiclass characters to advance in power in certain class features by stacking its class levels with another’s class levels. If a muliclass feat has been previously published in 3.5 material I’ll be using that, with perhaps some modification for Pathfinder. This is mostly a guideline for custom feats that help with character concepts and not set in stone. Nearly all feats will require 3 levels or equivalent feature (2nd lvl spells) in ONE of the classes. ((I know most of the party are single class, some of this might be used for NPCS))

Example of custom multiclass feat

“Savage Skirmisher” (Requires Barbarian Rage and Scout Skirmish (1d6/+ 1 AC) features) Your Barbarian and Scout levels stack for the purposes of determining your skirmish progression, the level prerequisites for qualifying for rage talents, and the number of rounds per day you can rage.

Savage (Barbarian) – Rounds of Rage per day, prerequisite level for taking rage talents, strength of rage talents.
Skirmisher (Scout) – Skirmish progression OR trapfinding / trap sense
Sneaky (Rogue) – Sneak Attack progression OR trapfinding / trap sense
Performer – Rounds of Performance per day, power of performances known
Seer (Oracle) – Mystery Power progression (times per day and effect) and level prerequisites.
Divine (Cleric) – Channel Energy OR Caster Level and Domain power progression
Devoted (Paladin) – Smite OR Lay on Hands
Tracker (Ranger) – Favored Enemy Progression.
Arcane (Sorcerer, Wizard) – Caster Level and Bloodline/School Progression
Martial (Fighter) – Weapon Training and Prereq lvl for fighter only feats.

Wildshape Feats:

Vermin Wild Shape (requires 7 Wildshape Levels), Can the assume the form of a small or medium sized vermin using Vermin shape I. With 9 Wildshape levels can change into a large or tiny sized vermin.

Magical Beast Shape (requires 9 wildshape levels), Can assume the forms of medium sized magical beasts using wildshape Beast Shape III. With 11 Wildshape levels can change into large sized magical beasts.

Giant Shape (requires 13 wildshape levels) Can assume a shape of a Giant as Giant Form I using a wildshape use, at 15 wildshape levels this becomes Giant Form II.

Dragon Shape (requires 11 wildshape levels) Can assume the shape of a Dragon as Form of the Dragon I, at 13 wildshape levels this becomes Form of the Dragon II, at 15 wildshape levels this becomes Form of the Dragon III.

Extra Shapeshift (druid shape shifter version) Gives 2 extra hours of shapeshift use + 1 extra hour per four wildshape levels the character possesses.

New Feats

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