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A new adventure awaits

My Legacy of Fire campaign concluded sometime ago and now I will be moving on to The Mummy’s Mask which will be played by my group sometime next year. Maybe I can bribe one of the players to keep the log updated when that happens. :D

The Halls of the Carrion King part 4

Killed Bobgog, Surkin went in first because of the unstable floor, Alenor swept up the goblin in a whirlwind and brought him back to the part to be wacked like a pinata.
Found hidden study containing archeological tools, clues that someone was impersonating a Priest of Saranrae, and a journal talking about the Scroll of Kashiron.
Killed the spawn of Rovagug and then followed a tunnel down that led to a pit underneath the Maggot Throne.
Killed the Champion of Ravagug who was laid low by Surkin’s unluck magic and Phantasmal Killer.
Entered into an area controlled by Trogolytes. Cone of Dimness, Shadow Spray, Shadow Binding, Deep Slumber, Point Blank Spears of Purity and Searing Light. The arrival of Gobbler the Gibbering Mouther and a Trog leader along with reinforcements..

The Halls of the Carrion King part 3

Our brave adventurers were in a perilous position, having finished a big fight and now facing the Gnoll leader, Ghartok the Rage Prophet of Rovagug and over a dozen of his minions. A wave of Unchosen gnolls were coming up from the stairs in waves, threatening to overwhelm the party by sheer numbers. Surkin, Mia, and Kaira were low on magic. Their most powerful spells expended leaving them with little resources to fight their foes and keep their comrades alive. However, the gnolls they killed had potions and wands which proved their worth, allowing the group to keep themselves alive in the danger filled minutes that followed. There were other factors in the party’s favor that kept our brave adventurers from being brutally killed.

The Euphoric Cloud Mia had cast staggered the gnolls coming into melee, keeping them from attacking in mass, instead coming out in ones and twos. Alenor was able to successfully block the Unchosen from coming up the stairs, though he came close to death, saved from it by Mia who used the Cure Moderate Wounds wand liberated from one of the Gnoll Battle Priests and finally a Cure Deadly Wounds from the Staff of Life and Death.

Ghartok was trapped in the Shadowwell that Surkin had cast, keeping the Gnoll from battle for two vital rounds before he reappeared. During the battle Ghartok showed himself to be a Rage Prophet, immune to fatigue thus able to cast spells (by ending and starting his rage) with impunity. He hit very hard, his Axe had the humanbane enchantment, he could heal himself with swift actions, and had magic that allowed him to knockdown and stagger his enemies, making him a very formidable foe.

Aarak decided that Surkin had the right idea in separating Ghartok from his minions and used a Number Bomb (Bead of Force) that he found in the Tomb of the Four Pharaohs on Ghartok, catching the Gnoll King and 2 of his followers, killing another, in the globe. This action was the likely key to victory, as the party was able to finish off his remaining followers, especially the four Unchosen who came very close to breaking out through the stairs but were stopped by Alenor’s tiger form claws and Surkin’s blinding rays.

Ten minutes later, the Number Bomb’s magic expended itself, allowing the Carrion King who enlarge himself and attacked. Alenor kept him from advancing on the party while A’b’d used his superior reach to attack the Huge Gnoll, the damage the king was taking was enough that it kept him healing instead of using his staggering spells. Aarak meanwhile sprung in and out of melee, harassing the surviving Gnoll Battle Priest. Eventually Ghartok got frustrated with Mia and Kaira healing Alenor that he shifted his attacks to them, ordering his remaining minion to assist him killing the Oracle and Cleric.

Mia was unable to withstand the huge Gnoll’s assult and was killed by Ghartok. However a barely conscious Alenor revived her by using the Staff of Life and Death, depleting its stored charges.
Meanwhile finally near death, Ghartok tried to escape using a potion of Gaseous Form and while it made him invulnerable to weapons, he was killed by Surkin’s magic missile wand. Only one Carrion guard escaped, disappearing into the area west of the battle where the gnolls first attacked.

After the battle the party looted the corpses. The gnolls were surprisingly well equipped, with Masterwork armor and weapons along with numerous potions. Ghartok himself had a magical breast plate + 2, a tower shield + 1, his humanbane Greataxe, a Circlet of Charisma + 4, a belt of Might + 4, numerous potions, and finally a Seer’s Amulet.

The group then retreated to the room where the slaves were holed up. They rested there, growing stronger (level 8!), spending 16 hours recovering allowing Kaira to create a new undead minion, Zia the Skeleton Sorceress. During this time the group heard sounds from below them that sounded like heavy objects being moved, but otherwise the group was not molested, the House of the Beast relatively quiet and eerily calm.

After preparing themselves the adventurers decided to kill the monstrous spider in the room next to the slave’s “kingdom”. The noise from forcing the door open alerted the huge Arachnid whom bit and drug in Aarak into the web filled room. Zia’s burning hands and Alenor’s fire elemental form cleared a path for A’b’d’, supported by Mia’s scorching rays, to enter and kill the gigantic vermin before it turned the brave dwarf into its next lunch.

After clearing the room of webs, the group found that one of the spider’s web wrapped prey bundles radiated magic. Inside were the dessicated remains of a long dead adventurer, who had a magical chain shirt + 1 and Belt of Health + 2.

The Halls of the Carrion King part 2


Party fought an Unchosen Gnoll and two Gnoll Carrion guards, rescued six more slaves.

Party explored the lower level, found an abandoned armory with a shaft leading down hundreds of feet.

Party continued on, coming out into a large domed chamber. They engaged 4 more guards mounted on giant lizards. The group was unable to keep an alarm from being sounded and reinforcements in the form of more gnolls and gnoll clerics showed up.

After the defeating the 1st and 2nd waves the group had the opportunity to retreat but the bellowing voice of the Carrion King challenged them to come to him or he would hunt them down. The group decided to wait for the eventual attack. The gnolls came in from an unexpected direction covered by silence spells. The party was able to react in time for the Carrion King to be Shadow Welled and his minions impaired by an Euphoric Cloud. One of the clerics with the King resisted the drugged vapors and yelled out a signal for another wave of reinforcements, this time more Unchosen Gnolls to come up from below.

The Halls of the Carrion King

After a year in Kelmarane the party has established themselves as important and well liked celebrities in the community. Mia established a library and place of learning, centered around the Planeteria found in the Osirion Tomb of the Four Pharaohs. Aarak patrolled the hills and mountains around Kelmarane fighting against a band of gnoll slavers who were attacking caravans going to and from the town. Alenor worked with local farmers and herders to help them prosper and make the town more self sufficient. A’b’d established and trained a local militia, working with the Pactmaster guard to bolster the town’s defenses.

Then one day a wandering priest of Sarenae appeared in town, asking to speak with the party. A tall (almost 7 feet) man of imposing nature, he warned the group that the Carrion King was gathering gnoll tribes into an army to sweep in and retake the town. His suggestion was for the heroes to infiltrate the Carrion King’s place of power, an ancient temple to Rovug the Destroyer known as the House of the Beast. Once inside, the adventurers should find and kill the Gnoll leader. Once that happened, the various gnoll tribes should fall to infighting and thus the threat to Kelmarane would be neutralized. During this, Zayfid was noticeably nervous around Aarak, and explained that he had received visions from his goddess that the dwarf was fated to die in the bowels of the Pale Mountain. He had little else to say and left town to parts unknown.

Mia, using her mysterious powers enhanced by Pesh, used a dose of Purple Pesh to Commune with the Outer Planes to seek answers. She was able to find out that Zayfids motives were not what they seemed, while he indeed wanted the Carrion King dead he did not want this to keep Kelmarane safe. Nor was he nervous around Aarak because of visions, instead there was another unknown reason.

Though suspicious, the group decided to take the priest’s advice and set out for the Pale Mountain the next day. Along the way they encountered many dangers, from giant cetepede nests to flocks of gargoyles. However, Alenors woodcraft was skilled enough to sense such dangers in time for the group to avoid or hide from such dangers. After six days they arrived at the slopes of the Pale Mountain. From here they had to decide where to go, through the House of the Beast itself or through a possible back door through a cave known locally as the Mountain’s Maw.

Since A’b’d had a map drawn out by members of his tribe that escaped from the temple. The group decided to go the House of the Beast under the cover of a camouflage spell Alenor cast. While the party took every precaution not to be detected they might not have bothered. Upon arrival at the site, they discovered that there were indeed camps for a large army of gnolls, but they had been abandoned weeks ago, perhaps months. The walls of the Temple had been repaired and then consequently fallen in different areas. Inside there was evidence of battles, though the party did not investigate thoroughly, instead entering close to and entering a building used as a slave barracks.

The door guarding its entrance and inside were signs of slaughter, though bodies were gone there was old blood on the walls and the smell of death. Inside the group found two scarred human males, former slaves now freed guarding the entrance to set of stairs that led down under the Temple grounds. They were quite happy to see someone who was more interested in killing gnolls than them, so took the group down the steps, having the party carefully avoid primitive but still effective traps that had been set up. They were then ushered into a large room that had been converted into a primitive throne room. The two guards immediately genuflected and crawled there way towards a makeshift throne.

On the thrown sat a massive form of a mishapen Ogre-kin, attended by two very unhappy human women. He demanded the party bow in his presense and Aarak challenged him to battle. The “King” accepted and the two dueled, the Orge-kin wielding a huge club aided by a grotesquely oversized arm. His blows were powerful, enough to shatter rock, however he was unable to to hit the agile dwarf more than once, while he took blow after blow. Finally when it seemed like his death was inevitable his former followers, tired and hating him for his brutality, jumped in to try and finish the brute off. The rest of the party assisted, but it took a spear of purity from Mia to finally kill the bastard before he exacted vengeance on his followers by cleaving through their bodies.

Once the “King” was dead, the party spoke with the former slaves, giving them some supplies and fresh water. They were told to wait in the room until the group returned. The slaves warned the party of giant spider that lurked in a nearby room and an “Unchosen” gnoll that had been let loose in the hallways beyond the slave kingdom. The group set off, finding a battle site where the gnoll had killed and party eaten three slaves. There was from this room three ways out, including a hall that led to a sealed door, guarded by an Arcane Lock. Mia was able to dispel mystic protection enabling Aarak to open the lock. Inside was a tomb to a priestess of Rovuggug, dominated by a large sarcophagus.

When the party opened the stone grave a swarm of scarab beetles swarmed out and tried to devour the group. Alenor responded by turning into a Celestrial Fire elemental, burning the bugs that attempted to eat him. A’b’d, ignoring the pain of the hundreds of bites, fell on the floor, attempting to crush the bugs with his bulk. Aarrak, after discovering his axe was useless against the swarm, left the room. Mia followed, her Lore Oracle magic not much use against this enemy. Kaira, the cleric of Pharasma though, dealt with the threat with ruthless efficicy by channeling the power of death twice, killing off the swarm. Inside the priestess’s body was incredibly well preserved and was visibly restoring itself. It was theorized that the body had been treated with a powerful form of Preserve Corspe, allowing the body to be continuously be consumed by the scarabs. Truely, the priestess was “blessed” by Rovugug the Destroyer. On the body the group found some jewelry and a magical ring of lesser fire resistance.

The Slave Auction in Kelmarane


The Hammerfall Halls (part 2)


The Hammerfalls Halls

((Fast notes)

((Time travel back)) The party divided magical loot they found during their Osirion adventures, purchaced and made some items.

The adventures entered into the 1st mining level of the dwarf hold and encountered ghouls, ghasts, and Ghul. Among the ghouls were gnolls turned into ghouls. The waves of undead were weathered and the Ghul retreated. The party followed going upwards into a mushroom cavern that in turn had a tower four tall bronze statues that acted like a wind driven pipe organ. The party found a secret room with a coffer that contained 3 bags of enchanted magnetic meteor dust. There was an exit that led back outside to a trail that led upward. The trail ended at a ledge/cave guarded by a gate manned by two “Dark Dwarves” at the top and a chained Degenerate Orge in front. Upon seeing the party the dwarves warned them to go away. Aarak’s response got a crossbow bolt in the shoulder and the fight was on. Mia cast a Euphoric cloud that covered the party’s advance up the trail, allowing them to move safely up without danger of slipping on the wet rock while being fired at by crossbows. Alenor changed into an air and then earth elemental to move behind the dwarves. While he did so he discovered that behind the gate was stairs leading down into a slanted killing hall with stairs going up to another gate. Once the cloud faded, the party led by Aarak and A’b’da attacked the still befuddled Orge. While the wounds they inflicted were terrible, they didn’t quite kill the insane brute before it pummeled A’b’da. The stout barbarian survived the assault though dazed and the Ogre was put down soon after. Meanwhile, Alenor changed into a tiger, engaging and killing one dwarf and then moving over and to bite and grapple the other. ((Game ended due to time at this point, will pick up here next session))

The Return to Kelmarane

After escaping from the Tomb of the Four Pharaohs, the intrepid adventures rested and then traveled for a day to another part of the desert, following the treasure map made from the skin of the Androsphinx. Once at the site they found a large hole leading down into a huge circular chamber. This was the lair of the sphinx from the evidence of the bones and other remains, including some giant spiders. Some magical treasure was found, A Hvy + 1 Crossbow of Holding (Has a magical interior “quiver” that holds 50 bolts), a + 1 ring of deflection, and + 1 Mist Chainmail (can 1/day turn into a mist that gives 20 percent concealment).

The chamber turned out to be the dome of a sand covered building with a set of steps leading up into a columned platform and a set of bronze doors. Neferette examined the pillars and door and stated she believed the group was in the lost city of Pahir, one of the major cities of the Osirion Empire thousands of years ago. The doors were Arcane Locked but not physically so and Aarak was able to open them. On the other side was a small room with two passages leading off right and left and another pair of bronze doors, secured with a more powerful spell and an actual lock.

The doors were inscribed with a warning not to release what was on the other side. The party decided to go down the right hand passage which turned and was collapsed, preventing any further progress. There was a door on the side which could be forced open by Alenor in ape form with much effort. On the other side a giant tarantula (CR 6), drawn by the sounds of the door being opened lay in wait, pouncing on Alenor! He was struck and managed to escape by turning into an earth elemental, circling under the beast and coming up through the floor as Aaark moved in and out, to strike blows with his axe.

Meanwhile Surkin moved up to the corner to cast his spells, entangling the spider with strands of shadow. However the beast had a power to shoot sharp hairs from its back which also threatened all who tried to hit it. Aaark got stuck with one of the hairs and started throwing up in the corner. Alenor coming up from below avoided the hairs, turning into a cat crouching beneath to bite and claw at the beast’s belly. The spider bit the druid and poisoned him, but only just before dying from the wounds dealt to it. Alenor nearly succumbed to the the poison, but lots of lesser restoration spells kept him from being paralyzed. In the room the group discovered a loose tunnel of sand the spider could use to burrow its way too and from the surface. Amongst the debris were a set of bracers of archery lesser.

The party went to the left passage which like the right was collapsed but further in. They found an empty meditation room and another room behind a buried door. After clearing the rubble with sweat and a bit of druidic magic the party entered what was a scroll room. Its contents had long since turned into dust, but a stone tablet was found, describing how to get pass some sort of wards. Surkin copied this down and the party went back to the double doors, which opened after the first pass phrase. Inside was a long wide room separated by magical curtains of fire, cold and electricity. These in turn were disabled by Surkin using the phrases from the Amulet.

On the other side of the room was a simple bottle stoppered with lead which itself was stamped with a six pointed star. Mia’s lore trance revealed that this was a possible prison of a powerful effreet general. While the Effreet could possible grant a wish to the party for freeing him, it could also kill everyone and rampage through Osirion. It was decided to leave the bottle alone, reactivate the wards and seal the place as best as possible using illusionary walls and stone shape (CR 6).

The party then left the site to return to the city to complete their contract with the museum and sell of the items they found. They met up with the Museum curator and returned the Mask copy to him. They also spoke with the Mithril Scarab about their adventures. Upon hearing about the wall in the tomb that had the countdown of numbers the Pathfinder agent said that she heard of other “Countdown Clocks” and wondered about their significance. She asked if she could contact the party in the future for assistance, which everyone (those present) agreed to. Neferette made her goodbyes and departed.

After this was done ((the group will decide next session to divide magical loot and sell the remainder, so will time travel back)) the party returned to Kelmarane. There some events had occured, the town’s population had continued to expand, now numbering more than a thousand, including a 120 or so dwarfs made of three dwarf clans that had arrived upon word of the discovery of the location of Hamerfalls, a dwarfhold that laid 15 miles to the North. There were also two more “disappearances” similar to the farmer who vanished earlier.

Since all 3 of the dwarf clans claimed ownership of the Hammerfalls it was decided to send a scouting expedition made up of the adventurers and two dwarves, Aarak representing his own tribe. The group made their way up following the river, the way was dangerous, but good woodcraft avoided most dangers. On the second night of the 3 day journey the group was infiltrated by a dozen pugwampi who quietly hacked their way through Alenor’s spike growth spell to try and steal the group’s supplies. They were spotted and the group dispatched them with blade and spell, the final cluster dying in a column of flame from Aranka’s Rod wielded by Surkin. While successful, the group lost a day’s worth of food in the battle, burnt or soiled by the pugwampis.

The next day the party reached the rapids that indicated they were close to the Hammerfalls. It was then they were noticed they were being followed. This turned out to be an old and lame Gnoll who was about to be eaten by a Dragone which swept down. The monster was defeated and the gratefull humanoid told the party that he was driven out of his tribe by Wormhollow inquisitors, fanatical followers of Rovagug and the Carrior King. He saw Surkin’s Flame Strike last night and took as a sign from Lamastu to contact the party. He told the group what he knew about the white furred tribe and begged them to go in and destroy their shrine to the Destroyer, thus showing Lamastu’s displeasure. The gnoll also informed the group that the Hamerfalls had been taken over by the Kudris tribe of Gnolls, another powerful tribe that rivaled the Wormhollow but they haven’t been heard from in over a month. Perhaps by coincidence, this was the time a group of ghouls were released from the ruined tower near Kelmarane by the Kudris. The undead killed or converted the gnolls and went North following the river….Hmmmmm.

After promising to help and sending the Gnoll on his way, with instruction to recruit others faithful to the Demon Mother, the party continued their way up to the Hammerfalls. They found a trail carved into the rock leading up and behind the 150 ft of falling water, passing by abandoned defensive positions and entering into the Hammerfalls.

The Tomb of the Four Pharaohs

The party along with Garavel and Felepid traveled up to Osirion
The seasonal sandstorms in Osirion were severe, revealing several new pyramids
The PCs arrived at Ipeq with no problems, their precautions while traveling sufficient to avoid mishaps. Spike growth, web shelter, survival, illusions.
At Ipeq they got rooms at an Inn and split up, Garavel, Felepid, Sayid, A’b’da, and Mia separating to do the trade mission Almah had assigned them to do.
The rest of the party spent the evening gathering information about the Four Pharaohs and Surkin performed using his illusions telling the tale of Kelmarane’s liberation.
The next morning the party went to an auction where Osirion artifacts were being sold and where they were supposed to meet their local contact.
At the auction Kaira and Surkin met Paracount Julistar, cleric of Asmodeus and leader of her Magistrix Expeditionary and his younger brother Harkron a Hellknight initiate.
Kharis also spotted an interesting pair, a gnome girl with black hair and rainbow tips armed with daggers, and a human man with a bandolier of wands across his chest and a strange weapon like a crossbow stock across his back.
During the auction several different items were bid on. Surkin won a collection of scrolls and charcoal rubbings, Julistar won a some ancient Osirion coins, a private collector known as the Crook won a statue of the Radiant Pharaoh and another statue of a man with a cobra head. A local museum a set of green stone weights.
During the auction Kaira and Julistar talked and flirted and decided to meet later in the evening for dinner.
A local sage introduced herself to Surkin after he collected his purchaces. Her name was Neferet Anu a local scholar and expert in ancient Osirion history. She wanted to exchange her knowledge with the opportunity to gain more on whatever expedition that Surkin might be a part of. They agreed to meet later at the Inn and discuss the matter over dinner.
After the auction the party was contacted by the Mithril Scarab, a half elf woman who is Felepid’s pathfinder contact. She led the party to a space between some tents and said she was taking the group to meet a man who had been inside the Tomb of the Four Pharaohs 50 years ago. As a precondition the party had to leave all paper and anything with written word or symbols, like Arrak’s axe behind. The dwarf agreed to hold everyone’s items and wait outside while the Mithril Scarab led the adventures into a tent.
Inside the group met with and talked to the blindfolded old man (forgot his name). He said he was part of a group of 11 people who went inside the Tomb. The place did not exist in this place of existence and could only be summoned into existence by a magical funeral mask. Inside, they found warnings that the tomb was cursed with the four symbols of the Pharoah’s that when viewed would trap would be intruders and turn them into eternal guardians. He was the only one who survived when one of the expedition turned into an undead monster and started killing everyone. He escaped the tomb with the mask and sold it later to a street merchant.
Kharis spotted a small shadow of someone lurking near the outside of the tent, but when he went to check he and Arrak did not find anyone. This made them suspicious though that they were being followed and decided to keep a careful eye out for suspicious activity.

The fight with the legendary sphinx
The Tomb
Encounter with the guardian mummy, the turned member of the previous expedition 56 years ago.
The Encounter with the Fiend Pharaoh.
The Chamber of History
The golem elevator
The Radiant Pharaoh and her fiendish trap
The Pharaoh of Numbers


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