Zach Legacy of Fire

The Halls of the Carrion King part 2


Party fought an Unchosen Gnoll and two Gnoll Carrion guards, rescued six more slaves.

Party explored the lower level, found an abandoned armory with a shaft leading down hundreds of feet.

Party continued on, coming out into a large domed chamber. They engaged 4 more guards mounted on giant lizards. The group was unable to keep an alarm from being sounded and reinforcements in the form of more gnolls and gnoll clerics showed up.

After the defeating the 1st and 2nd waves the group had the opportunity to retreat but the bellowing voice of the Carrion King challenged them to come to him or he would hunt them down. The group decided to wait for the eventual attack. The gnolls came in from an unexpected direction covered by silence spells. The party was able to react in time for the Carrion King to be Shadow Welled and his minions impaired by an Euphoric Cloud. One of the clerics with the King resisted the drugged vapors and yelled out a signal for another wave of reinforcements, this time more Unchosen Gnolls to come up from below.



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