Zach Legacy of Fire

The Halls of the Carrion King part 3

Our brave adventurers were in a perilous position, having finished a big fight and now facing the Gnoll leader, Ghartok the Rage Prophet of Rovagug and over a dozen of his minions. A wave of Unchosen gnolls were coming up from the stairs in waves, threatening to overwhelm the party by sheer numbers. Surkin, Mia, and Kaira were low on magic. Their most powerful spells expended leaving them with little resources to fight their foes and keep their comrades alive. However, the gnolls they killed had potions and wands which proved their worth, allowing the group to keep themselves alive in the danger filled minutes that followed. There were other factors in the party’s favor that kept our brave adventurers from being brutally killed.

The Euphoric Cloud Mia had cast staggered the gnolls coming into melee, keeping them from attacking in mass, instead coming out in ones and twos. Alenor was able to successfully block the Unchosen from coming up the stairs, though he came close to death, saved from it by Mia who used the Cure Moderate Wounds wand liberated from one of the Gnoll Battle Priests and finally a Cure Deadly Wounds from the Staff of Life and Death.

Ghartok was trapped in the Shadowwell that Surkin had cast, keeping the Gnoll from battle for two vital rounds before he reappeared. During the battle Ghartok showed himself to be a Rage Prophet, immune to fatigue thus able to cast spells (by ending and starting his rage) with impunity. He hit very hard, his Axe had the humanbane enchantment, he could heal himself with swift actions, and had magic that allowed him to knockdown and stagger his enemies, making him a very formidable foe.

Aarak decided that Surkin had the right idea in separating Ghartok from his minions and used a Number Bomb (Bead of Force) that he found in the Tomb of the Four Pharaohs on Ghartok, catching the Gnoll King and 2 of his followers, killing another, in the globe. This action was the likely key to victory, as the party was able to finish off his remaining followers, especially the four Unchosen who came very close to breaking out through the stairs but were stopped by Alenor’s tiger form claws and Surkin’s blinding rays.

Ten minutes later, the Number Bomb’s magic expended itself, allowing the Carrion King who enlarge himself and attacked. Alenor kept him from advancing on the party while A’b’d used his superior reach to attack the Huge Gnoll, the damage the king was taking was enough that it kept him healing instead of using his staggering spells. Aarak meanwhile sprung in and out of melee, harassing the surviving Gnoll Battle Priest. Eventually Ghartok got frustrated with Mia and Kaira healing Alenor that he shifted his attacks to them, ordering his remaining minion to assist him killing the Oracle and Cleric.

Mia was unable to withstand the huge Gnoll’s assult and was killed by Ghartok. However a barely conscious Alenor revived her by using the Staff of Life and Death, depleting its stored charges.
Meanwhile finally near death, Ghartok tried to escape using a potion of Gaseous Form and while it made him invulnerable to weapons, he was killed by Surkin’s magic missile wand. Only one Carrion guard escaped, disappearing into the area west of the battle where the gnolls first attacked.

After the battle the party looted the corpses. The gnolls were surprisingly well equipped, with Masterwork armor and weapons along with numerous potions. Ghartok himself had a magical breast plate + 2, a tower shield + 1, his humanbane Greataxe, a Circlet of Charisma + 4, a belt of Might + 4, numerous potions, and finally a Seer’s Amulet.

The group then retreated to the room where the slaves were holed up. They rested there, growing stronger (level 8!), spending 16 hours recovering allowing Kaira to create a new undead minion, Zia the Skeleton Sorceress. During this time the group heard sounds from below them that sounded like heavy objects being moved, but otherwise the group was not molested, the House of the Beast relatively quiet and eerily calm.

After preparing themselves the adventurers decided to kill the monstrous spider in the room next to the slave’s “kingdom”. The noise from forcing the door open alerted the huge Arachnid whom bit and drug in Aarak into the web filled room. Zia’s burning hands and Alenor’s fire elemental form cleared a path for A’b’d’, supported by Mia’s scorching rays, to enter and kill the gigantic vermin before it turned the brave dwarf into its next lunch.

After clearing the room of webs, the group found that one of the spider’s web wrapped prey bundles radiated magic. Inside were the dessicated remains of a long dead adventurer, who had a magical chain shirt + 1 and Belt of Health + 2.



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