Zach Legacy of Fire

The Halls of the Carrion King part 4

Killed Bobgog, Surkin went in first because of the unstable floor, Alenor swept up the goblin in a whirlwind and brought him back to the part to be wacked like a pinata.
Found hidden study containing archeological tools, clues that someone was impersonating a Priest of Saranrae, and a journal talking about the Scroll of Kashiron.
Killed the spawn of Rovagug and then followed a tunnel down that led to a pit underneath the Maggot Throne.
Killed the Champion of Ravagug who was laid low by Surkin’s unluck magic and Phantasmal Killer.
Entered into an area controlled by Trogolytes. Cone of Dimness, Shadow Spray, Shadow Binding, Deep Slumber, Point Blank Spears of Purity and Searing Light. The arrival of Gobbler the Gibbering Mouther and a Trog leader along with reinforcements..



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