• Alenor


    shifter druid
  • Arrak of the Pahmet

    Arrak of the Pahmet

    Arrak is a male dwarf standing 4'0" tall and weighs 185 pounds. He has dark red hair and blue eyes. His beard is of medium length and is currently braided into a single braid.
  • Kharis Darkstrider

    Kharis Darkstrider

    Dark cloaked figure with the hood drawn up. A cloth mask covers obscures the bottom half of his face. Beneath the cloak, you catch flashes of tight fitting garb in dark greys. Above the mask are half-orc features with tattoo markings.
  • Mia


  • Surkin


    Gnome Illusionist
  • Zaeda of the Dragon

    Zaeda of the Dragon

    Small, lithe, and yet strong. Hair as pale as moonlight and as soft as silk. Skin darkened by the sun's glare. Eyes as black as night.
  • Almah Roveshki

    Almah Roveshki

    A beautiful and shrewd Katapesh Merchant Princess assigned by the Pactmasters to take back the abandoned trade town of Kelmarane.
  • Almah's Guards

    Almah's Guards

    Almah's dedicated personal guards, assigned by the Pactmasters for her protection and safety.
  • Dashki


    Almah's foul tempered and fouler smelling "Gnoll Expert"
  • Dr. Zorastan

    Dr. Zorastan

    Almah's personal physician and alchemist
  • Falcon's Legacy Mercenaies

    Falcon's Legacy Mercenaies

    A member of Haidar's formally elite mercenary band, now few in number.
  • Garavel


    Almah's majordomo
  • Haidar Yukan

    Haidar Yukan

    The captain of the mercenary band "Falcon's Legacy"
  • Haleem


    A valient woman sworddancer, half sister to Kharis and Alenor
  • Neferet Anu

    Neferet Anu

    A pretty blackhaired Osiran woman, expert in Ancient Osiarian Languages and Lore
  • Ragnar


    A huge silver furred Gnoll wielding a crystal longsword
  • The Lions of Senara

    The Lions of Senara

    An adventuring band hired by Almah. Presumed lost after not returning from a scouting expedition to Kelmarane.
  • Undrella


    A beautiful elven alchemist, enslaved by the evil Kardswann.