Pugwampi Fire Bomb

weapon (ranged)

Fact One: The Pugwampi unluck aura does not effect gnolls.
Fact Two: The Pugwampi worship Gnolls as gods and would do anything to curry their favor.
Fact Three: Gnolls HATE Pugwampi.
Fact Four: Kardswann’s influence has opened the Gnolls minds to new possibilities.

Description: Uthok, Kardswann’s second in charge, has come up with the innovative use of the pugwampis that sneak into town to steal “artifacts of power” i.e. junk that the gnolls leave scattered around. He has made a two foot wide ball shaped wicker cages with flasks of oil and alchemist fire strapped to them. Inside is a living pugwampi. The cages are then loaded into catapults or dropped down on enemies. On impact the alchemical fire explodes, shattering the oil flasks and spraying out flaming liquid over a wide area. The pugwampi’s notorious unluck aura insures that the targets of the bomb are less likely to dive out of the way. The cage actually gives a chance for the pugwampi to survive, absorbing some of the initial impact.

Game Effects:
If the bomb hits a living creature it causes 1d6 of subdual damage. Unless caught it will explode for 3d6 Fire Damage in a 10ft Radius, DC 12 reflex to save for half. Those who fail this save must make an additional DC 15 save to avoid catching fire for an additional 1d6 damage for 1d6 rounds. This can be extinguished with another DC 15 save (+4 if you drop and roll) or being doused in water or similar.


Pugwampi Fire Bomb

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